What the Fast!


By Grant Schofield, Caryn Zinn, Craig Rodger

This book is about Super-Fasting – that’s right, not fasting but Super-Fasting: a potent, synergistic combination of not eating (i.e. fasting) and eating whole, unprocessed low-carb, healthy-fat (LCHF) food. It is really, really simple: step away from the food, and step towards the optimal combination of eating and not eating.
Simple, perhaps, but not always easy. There is some important stuff you need to know to get the best results in the long term. We want you to become a Super-Faster. The Super-Fasting approach embraces the latest science and practice of cell repair, anti-ageing, immunity and weight loss. The benefits are for both body and mind, and are transforming the way we think about modern medicine. By combining cutting-edge science on fasting and nutrition with proven behavioural techniques, we have created the Super-Fasting method to give you the best chance of success by working with your body’s natural tendencies, not against them.