Class Description

The benefits of group fitness classes go beyond the obvious. Yes, you’ll get a great workout and improve your health, while having fun doing something you love. But, that’s not all. Here are our top four reasons for getting into group fitness.

1. You’re more likely to show up – and keep showing up.

2. Having an instructor ensures proper form.

3. You’ll be challenged to push yourself to the next level.

4. Group exercise classes are, simply, fun.

At JustWorkout we are committed to improving the fitness, health and happiness of our members. Above all we want everybody to have fun and enjoy their time at our clubs. To be sure there is something for everyone; from the ever popular Yoga & Pilates to serious cardio KiMax Kickboxing classes; we offer over 100 group fitness classes each week across all 8 Clubs. Each class is designed to accommodate a variety of different age groups and fitness levels and they are all free for members.

If you’re a first-time visitor you can try any class for free!  To see all timetables and make a booking click on this button.




Zumba Fitness® is the most popular fitness class on the planet! It fuses Latin rhythms and east-to-follow dance moved in a fun-filled environment.

BENEFITS: Weight-loss | Confidence Building | Coordination 


FACTOR-F™, from RADICAL FITNESS®, is a fantastic HIIT program, consisting of two individual options, Circuit or TRX Suspension Straps.

Each option is only 30mins, adapatable for any person, and offer a challenging, yet attainaable workout.

Both offer functional fitness that will tone your muscles, improve core stability and even improve general strength.

BENEFITS: Physical Conditioning | Fat Burning | Muscle Toning


KIMAX™, from RADICAL FITNESS®, is another HIIT program that makes an impact, in more ways than one.

KI MAX® means ‘energy to the max’ or ‘maximum energy’ and that’s exactly what this program delivers.

Mastering all the skills of boxing, Muay Thai and more, this is the one program that commands intensity, energy, and impact.

Fat burner, calorie killer, core training, extreme cardio. These are just some of the terms used to describe the benefits of KI MAX®. But, it’s what you ‘feel’ that makes this program so compelling – sheer satisfaction.

BENEFITS: Fitness | Confidence Building | Self Defence Skills


TOPRIDE™, from RADICAL FITNESS®, is simply the best spin program in group fitness.

‘Two’s great company but three brings the crowds’

TOP RIDE® is three separate classes on a spin bike, that burns the most calories and makes getting fit not just about exercise, it’s also about discipline.

Whether you’re climbing a mountain or ensconced in a race, TOP RIDE® is the answer when you seek the ride ‘for’ your life.

BENEFITS: Weight-loss | Cardio Fitness


POWER™, from RADICAL FITNESS®, is the best toning program in the world using a barbell.

There’s more than one way to tone and strengthen your entire body, using a barbell, plates and/or your bodyweight, and that’s the secret behind POWER®.

Not one class, but four. Yes, that’s right. You get four individual classes to ensure you are always challenged, stimulated and afforded the best means possible to change your body.

With no equal, POWER® is undeniably the world leader of barbell programs.

BENEFITS: Strength | Toning | Fat-loss




There is no group fitness program equal to the task, that can provide such an amazing toning and cardio workout, like X55®.

Cleverly designed to use a step, handweights, and your bodyweight, X55®will transform your body like no other.

The unique ability of X55® to offer so much, whether your goal is weight loss and/or toning your legs & butt, makes this program a must for everyone, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to train.

Taking exercise to another level, X55® is the future, today.

BENEFITS: Fat Loss | Toning



FIGHT DO® is without a doubt, the most dynamic program in group fitness.

Attitude, energy and a whole lot more, FIGHT DO® is by far the best cardio workout and the ultimate fat burner.

Boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts. These are just some of the techniques you will use to fight imaginary opponents in animated and exciting workouts.

Step in the ring and prepare for a fight. The fight to enrich your life.

BENEFITS: Fitness | Fat Loss | Toning | Confidence Building



PILATES helps tone and condition all your major muscle groups whilst developing better breathing habits and improved mental concentration.

BENEFITS: Core Strength | Stress Relief | Toning


YOGA is a mental, physical and spiritual practice. It combines elements of breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Practicing yoga makes your body strong, yet supple and improves the function of the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and hormonal system.

BENEFITS: Balance | Flexibility | Emotional Stability


ABT’S is specially designed to sculpt your midsection and firm up your abdominals, butt and thighs. Also includes some lower back work.

BENEFITS: Toning | Weight-loss


This is a medium  intensity circuit training class uses your own body weight, kettlebells, dynabands, free weights and more. Instructor lead exercise modifications make this workout safe and effective for all fitness levels. Bring a positive attitude and prepare to sweat! This class builds cardiovascular endurance, lean muscle and healthy, happy bodies.

BENEFITS: Toning | Weight-loss | Balance


ACTIVE AGING is a fantastic seniors exercise program that offers strength, balance, coordination and conditioning workouts for the over 60’s. Learn more about Senior Classes.

BENEFITS: Stability | Mobility | Fitness

A combination of yoga and pilates to tone and condition major muscle groups with breath
control & specic body postures.

BENEFITS: Core Strength | Flexibility | Toning

Like variety? This all rounder uses many dierent forms, combining pilates, dumbbells,
yoga, cardio and step to tone your body.

BENEFITS: Toning | Flexibility | Strength

Focuses on building strong abdominals and inner core muscles in just 15 minutes.
BENEFITS: Toning | Core Strength

Obtain results faster using the popular principles of H.I.I.T and Tabata and in 30 minutes
you’ll gain energy, lose fat and build muscle.

BENEFITS: Toning | Fat-loss | Strength

Cycling workout where teamwork, hard work and perseverance produces results to get fit whilst having fun.

BENEFITS: Weight-loss | Fitness | Toning | Strength

Join us for positive support and fun! You’ll boost your mood, burn fat, build stronger bones,
improve your stamina and your heart.

BENEFITS: Toning | Weight-loss | Fitness