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"JustWorkout Personal Health & Fitness Centres with 5 clubs in Auckland we offer a relaxed and energising atmosphere in which to achieve your health and fitness goals. We do this by providing plenty of variety, quality equipment, great music, friendly staff and membership terms to suit your lifestyle. Our World Class Group Fitness Classes include International brands Zumba® & Radical Fitness® plus the ever popular Pilates & Yoga too!"


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Factor-F is 30-min Team Training workouts offering fast results in physical fitness, fat burning and muscle toning. Set to music each Functional session imitates real physical movements used in everyday life, at work and in your sports, and this is why it delivers the best results possible.


TopRide: Feel the excitement and challenge of the ride with the only cycling program to offer 3 DIFFERENT ride days! Melt the calories with RACE, strengthen your legs and heart with CLIMB then put it all together with FULL DAY. Based on real cycling techniques of mountains and routes, the different, fun and motivating routes will ensure you race to the TOP of your fitness goals with TOP RIDE.


KiMax: The evolution of Boxing/Kickboxing has arrived… KI MAX – Maximum Energy. This amazing program utilizes free standing boxing bags and requires absolutely NO coordination to have an awesome workout. Suitable for all ages, shapes & sizes, KI MAX will have you throwing punches, knees, elbows and kicks like a pro in no time! Melt away the body fat, pick up the heart rate and unleash some stress today with KI MAX.


Power: The ULTIMATE barbell program with the name that says it all – POWER. A real weights workout, POWER cleverly utilizes progressive loading and has been intelligently designed to STRENGTHEN, BUILD & TONE your body AND increase your FITNESS as well. POWER’s simple structure means you take away the complexity, increase the intensity and get the most effective and POWER-FULL barbell workout every time.


X55: Get ready for an eXtreme makeover… Fifty Five minutes of butt toning, leg shaping, calorie busting, torso trimming fun! Utilizing steps, hand weights, cables or NO equipment at all, X promises to work your body in ways never thought possible. X55 is the perfect solution for trimming the waist and toning those legs.



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