For over 15 years JustWorkout has partnered with Radical Fitness, a worldclass organisation of trainers that specialise in group fitness workout programs. With Master Trainers in over 40 countries across the world, Radical Fitness and its programs are at the cutting edge of group fitness classes.

Ever since our partnership started, we have been working to help Kiwi’s achieve their fitness goals. Even with everyone at home, we are still working hard to help our members stay fit and healthy and by working with Radical Fitness we can continue to do this.

There has never been a more important time for everyone to stay fit and healthy while we are all at home. To help support our members in this time, we have worked with Radical Fitness to make many of their online training and workout programs available to the members of JustWorkout until we are able to get back outside and into the gym.

On the Radical Fitness website, there is a wide selection of training programs suited to all levels of fitness, whether you are just starting out or highly experienced with exercise and training.

Get Started With Radical Fitness

Step 1: Login

To start, you will need to head to the Radical Fitness website where you can login using the following login details –

Password: 1234

Once you have entered the password and username just hit “login”

Note: Open the link on your website browser not in Facebook as this way you will be able to enlarge the videos to full screen.

Step 2: Select Workout

Once you have logged in, you will be able to scroll down and see this section which shows the wide range of training programs available. There are many different options – some utilise equipment while others do not. Have a look through each to decide which one fits with your fitness goals, preferred exercises, and which is best suited to what you have available at home (equipment etc.) Once you find one you like just click on the image to go to step 3.

If you haven’t worked out in a while chose the Beginners, Aero or One programs or if you are a more confident try the H.I.I.T or Fat Burning workouts

Step 3: Select Time

After you select your workout you will also be able to choose how long your training will last. Just click on the image with the time you want.

Each program has a different workout length displayed which can be anywhere between 15-60 minutes in length depending on what you are looking for or how much time you have you can choose between a shorter or longer workout. 

Try different lengths on different days and see how much harder it gets.

Step 4: Select Episode

Now that you have selected a workout you can choose between the episodes available. Each program is a series that has multiple episodes to keep each workout new and different. You can choose whichever episode you want – just click to begin.

Just remember if you are going to the website from Facebook while on your mobile, you must copy and paste the link into your browser. This way you will be able to enlarge to full screen.