Access All Clubs All The Time!

With 8 gyms across Auckland’s North Shore, Central City and New Lynn, JustWorkout makes it convenient for you to access any of their gyms. And because JustWorkout offers  access to every club, you simply choose the option that suits. Most clubs are  full service , with a variety of classes,  and our members can enjoy personal support and service from our dedicated staff. All clubs have 24/7 access .

Enjoy Over 100 Classes Every Week

JustWorkout offers  variety in group fitness, with internationally acclaimed classes to choose from each week. 

Most classes are free for all members. Just take your pick!  If you’re not yet a member you can try your 1st class FREE when you book online. Or simply give us a call or walk into your nearest JustWorkout club.

Personalised Workout Programmes

Our memberships include your very own Personalised Workout Programme — an easy to follow picture based programme designed with, and for, you. 

We’ll update your programme up to four times a year so that you can keep reaching new heights.

There is also free on demand help on the floor.

Free Progress Checkups

The JustWorkout team have a genuine motivation to help members reach their goals. So we keep track of your progress with four free fast track progress assessments per year. 

These assessments help gauge where you are at and motivate you to work harder on your goals. We analyse and graph your results and update your workout programme for you as you get fitter!

Success Starter Packages - Your First 3 Personal Training Sessions for only $99

The most affordable way to experience the difference a personal trainer can make. Time and again we see new members who take up this offer achieve higher attendance, faster results, and ultimately a more dramatic improvement in their health and fitness.

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Choose fitness with a personal touch at JustWorkout

Choose fitness with a personal touch at JustWorkout. From the very first time you step inside our gym, we’ll take time to understand your specific needs. And if you choose to join, we’ll go one step further and create a personalised programme that helps you reach your goals faster.