Personal Trainers - Devonport

At JustWorkout Devonport we have dedicated Personal Trainers committed to fast tracking your fitness goals.

All JustWorkout trainers hold recognised qualifications in the health and fitness industry and are accredited by the National Industry Body.

Our trainers are experts in their areas and will inspire and guide you in achieving your best results.

These may include weight loss, strength training, sport specific conditioning, muscle gain, postural correction, rehab, cross fit, body building, weight lifting, ante and post natal fitness and boot camps.

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Alana Tingle


  • Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Balance
  • Weight loss
  • Pilate’s
  • Boxing
  • Sport Specific

Barbara Kramer


  • With over 20 years experience – all types of training!
  • Women’s Health & Wellness
  • Postural Correction
  • Sports/Strength Conditioning

Choose fitness with a personal touch at JustWorkout

Choose fitness with a personal touch at JustWorkout. From the very first time you step inside our gym, we’ll take time to understand your specific needs. And if you choose to join, we’ll go one step further and create a personalised programme that helps you reach your goals faster.