ACTIVE AGING is a fantastic exercise program specifically designed for the over 65’s. We focus on functional, easy to follow exercises that will help you to achieve an active and independent lifestyle. Classes are fully supervised and based on a structured and guided training session and the intensity level is adjusted to your individual ability. We show you all exercises and give hands on advice.

The class format includes a variety of fitness components like –

Resistance Training: Improves muscle mass, strength and functional fitness to give you power for those everyday activities.
Balance Exercises: Help to avoid falls, improve your gait and confidence in your daily routines.
Flexibility Training: Increases range of motion in your joints and will aid balance and mobility.
Cardio Training: Low impact endurance training will maintain efficient heart & lung function for any ongoing activity.
Classes are just $6 per visit or $55 for a 10 session card.

“We Are Dedicated To Inspiring And Leading More Mature Aged New Zealanders To Improved Functional Fitness And Well-Being, And The Maintenance Of Fully Engaged, Independent Lifestyles.”


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