Class Timetable - Auckland Central

Our Group Exercise Classes are a popular choice for anyone wanting to improve one or many aspects of their physical fitness. Whether you are wanting to feel less puffed out or touch your toes, be able to lift more or improve your posture; there’s a class for ever fitness goal.

A common reason why many people take part in group exercise classes is to lose weight and/or to make changes to their body shape. The class you choose to make this happen really depends on you, your preferences, your body, and your health.

Whether you like house, rock or Latin beats, want to have so much fun it doesn’t seem like exercise or push your body to the max, there’s a class for all tastes.

Our classes also cater for all abilities, many classes are suitable for beginners and have options throughout to ensure you get a workout that’s right for you. With classes for flexibility, toning, strength, stamina our group exercise really is a fully inclusive activity.

Physical benefits aside, our group exercise classes are also great for meeting new people and are proven to have positive effects on your mental health. So, if you’re feeling rather stressed or not quite yourself, then a group exercise class could be just what you need.

Whoever you are and whatever your goals, we bet there is a class here that you will love!

AUCKLAND CENTRAL – 12-26 Swanson St

12.10pm Studio 1

12.10pm Studio 2

1.10pm Studio 1

5.15pm Studio 1