The worst kept secret is out! Working with a personal trainer will make you fitter, stronger and increase your lean body mass more effectively than working out in an exercise facility or club on your own. At JustWorkout, we value a Personal experience for our members and provide Personal Trainers at every one of our locations.

We all know someone who has worked with a personal trainer and achieved results far greater than expected and wondered how much the trainer contributed to the success. We also know that there is a wealth of exercise information available online, in magazines and from other exercises that are a cheaper way to get exercise advice. After all, even some famous internationally recognised fitness professionals have their information online ready for us to watch and learn. Anyone who has worked with an exercise professional understands that a personal trainer offers much more than just exercise advice and company during a workout. An experienced, educated and encouraging trainer will offer lifestyle coaching, time management and support on staying motivated. A registered personal trainer will also be able to tailor each exercise session to your individual needs, fitness & exercise levels, and health and injury history. Your workouts will be safe and effective. But it is results that we most often use to measure success.

  • How much weight did I lose?
  • How much stronger am I?

Until now there has been a lack of reliable studies done to actually measure the effectiveness of training at an exercise facility or club alone, versus working with a personal trainer, so it has been difficult to measure just how valuable the investment is. But now it’s been proven. A  journal article outlining research into the effects of exercising with a personal trainer vs working out in a club without one has confirmed what we already suspected, that working with a personal trainer is more beneficial than working out alone.

The research paper is titled ‘Effect of Supervised, Periodized Exercise Training versus Self-Directed Training on Lean Body Mass (LBM) and other Fitness Variables in Health Club Members’. The researchers set out to ‘confirm whether fitness club members who exercise with a PT in the fitness club setting obtain superior results compared with self-directed training’. The randomized study of men, aged 30-44 years, who were members of a single Southern California fitness club was carried out recently.

The researchers concluded that “We have demonstrated for the first time in a fitness club setting that members whose training is directed by well-qualified personal trainers administering evidence-based training regimens achieve significantly greater improvements in LBM and other dimensions of fitness than members who direct their own training.” So before you think about passing on the personal trainer in favour of an exercise programme downloaded from you-tube or going it alone, have a think about what benefits you are hoping to achieve from exercising. If you want to get the best results you can then the evidence is clear – Work with a
personal trainer.

Why not talk to our staff about which trainer would be best suited to help you achieve your goals!

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