Personal Trainers - Albany

Kraig Cornwall

Personal Training

  • Explosive Power Training
  • Functional Integrated Strength Training
  • Body Transformations
  • Sport Specific Conditioning
  • Postural Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Advanced functional stability

Krystal Stuart

Personal Training

  • Dance Fitness Training
  • Pilates Training
  • BARRE Pilates
  • General Weight-loss and Toning
  • Advanced functional stability

Catherine Hassall

Personal Training

  • Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Balance
  • Weightloss & Toning
  • Transformations
  • Sport Specific

Victor Oliveira

Personal Training

  • Weight Lifting Programmes
  • Strength Training
  • Bodybuilding
  • Sport Specific Conditioning

Choose fitness with a personal touch at JustWorkout.

Choose fitness with a personal touch at JustWorkout. From the very first time you step inside our gym, we’ll take time to understand your specific needs. And if you choose to join, we’ll go one step further and create a personalised programme that helps you reach your goals faster.