Member Testimonials

Since joining JustWorkout in 2001, I have enjoyed the facilities and staff, who are always friendly and helpful. The staff are always forthcoming with help and advice with regards to training. Because I train mostly weekdays around 11am to 1pm I have free reign of the equipment, making the use of two pieces of equipment such as the Bench Press and Seated Row a breeze for doing supersets, which I like!
Murray Shaw
JustWorkout Takapuna member
"I’ve been a member of JustWorkout Devonport for over two years now, and plan to stay for many years more. Since joining, I have made massive improvements in strength, fitness, and in my overall wellbeing. The staff are always friendly, and have given advice willingly about exercise, sport, and anything gym related. It’s a great atmosphere where everyone has a goal, and is willing to help those around them reach their goals! JW Devonport has allowed my friends and I to use the mats and group fitness studios for the occasional sparring or grappling session when the room is available. This has been really helpful, as I can get a lot more practice in, and can basically train whenever I like!"
Andrew Spence
JustWorkout Devonport member
"Dear JustWorkout, thanks for being so great to me during my extended stay in New Zealand. Your friendly staff and amazing classes were perfect for me. A special thank you to Rachel who teaches Pilates and ABT’s, she was the best fitness instructor I have ever had. I will really miss attending her classes. Thanks again!"
Kat Cook, Colorado USA
JustWorkout Milford visitor
"JustWorkout Albany is an excellent gym. Great layout and gym equipment. Nice people that help you out.The fitness classes are so much fun. Great instructors that give you exercises making you feel - fit, healthy and happy".
Katie Gatland
JustWorkout Albany member
"Fabulous gym, love the staff and to me it's like one big happy family. Lots of special gym friends. I'm happy to be back after breaking my elbow thanks for all the wonderful encouragement"
Lindy Gilbert
JustWorkout City member
"User friendly, approachable staff, great trainers (Ryan is mine) awesome nutrition advice, plus up to date equipment, parking is easy, very accessible!"
Kathryn Hall
JustWorkout Takapuna member
"Good gear, knowledgeable trainers, seldom have to wait for equipment"
Mike Adam
JustWorkout Takapuna member
"Nice gym, love the weight training plates"
JustWorkout Takapuna member
"I wanted to take the time to congratulate you on your choice of staff at Forrest Hill. I have also attended Milford & Takapuna branches & found your customer services just as satisfactory. I have been going to Forest Hill gym for the last 2 years firstly to Zumba by the fabulous Jacqui & others & secondly to the gym for the past year. I had up till then never stepped inside a gym but I now know just what I have had missing in my life although I have been actively involved in fitness & well being most of my life. All employees are most pleasant, courteous, attentive & obliging. Keita is a great role model for the gym & the remainder of your staff. My main reason for this email is to pass my grateful thanks onto Varun who works Saturdays as he has been most obliging in "keeping an eye" on my hypertension readings which has been high since my 20's. As I am being admitted to hospital shortly to have a full knee reconstruction, he has introduced me to some pre-op exercises ie: "balancing" which I wouldn't have prepared myself for, had he not shown me. Next progression will be "after op" exercises which he is yet to show me. I am most grateful for this information as I am sure it will help my recovery together with certain fitness activities. Many thanks for such great employees who I have found are really genuinely interested in the members, nothing is too much trouble for any of them. Kind Regards
Roisel Kershaw
JustWorkout Forest Hill member

Choose fitness with a personal touch at JustWorkout

Choose fitness with a personal touch at JustWorkout. From the very first time you step inside our gym, we’ll take time to understand your specific needs. And if you choose to join, we’ll go one step further and create a personalised programme that helps you reach your goals faster.