Limited Offer 14 Days for $14


The team at JustWorkout Personal Health and Fitness know that for someone who hasn’t been to a gym before, it can be a little intimidating and you might not know where to start. That’s why they will include a fast-track fitness assessment and programme free of charge.

With a huge variety of World-class Fitness equipment and Group Fitness classes available, you’ll never get bored, which means you’re more likely to stick with it longer. Classes include Pilates and Yoga and the most popular fitness class on the planet – Zumba! There’s also Ki-Max (boxing), Power (barbell), TopRide (indoor cycling) and X55 (abs, butt and thighs) which are all designed to keep you coming back for more as you enjoy the results and have fun doing it.

Grab 14 days of fitness including all classes at any one of JustWorkouts 8 Auckland based gym locations for just $14!


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