Takapuna Class Timetable

Enjoy the good times and JustWorkout with others

We all know it’s always much more fun working out in a group. Have a look at what classes are on at our Takapuna gym.
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TAKAPUNA – 79 Barry’s Point Rd

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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
6:30am factorf-279 factorf-279
8:30am zumba%208-515
9:30am kimiax-984 yoga%20logo-861
12:10pm yoga%20logo-861 pilates%20logo-544
5:30pm kimiax-984 power-339 kimiax-984 x55-302
6:30pm zumba%208-515 yoga%20logo-861 zumba%208-515 yoga%20logo-861